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Wednesday, June 12, 2013 Holly 2 Comments

From left: Soap and Glory 'Calm One Calm All' Bubble Bath, Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual, Lush 'Robot' Bath Bomb, TRESemme Intensive Conditioner, Boots Face Mask, Yankee Candle 'Sandalwood Vanilla', Garnier Moisturising Lotion.

"I believe in baths" Yes, yes I do. There's something about having a bath that takes all of the misery from my day away. With the bathroom being a 'phone-free zone' (for fear of dropping it in the bath, or even worse - the toilet), I find that there's something comforting about not being easily able to reach it (or for people to reach you). Time in the bath is time for me.

Soap and Glory 'Calm One, Calm All' Bubble Bath
A bath is not a bath without bubbles.

What's not to love about this product? Soap and Glory never stop impressing me! I'm not ashamed to say that I think I own every single one of their bathing products... The scent is sweet yet fresh, comparable to the 'Miss Dior' perfume. The 500ml bottle has lasted a surprisingly long time, with only a few capfuls needed per bath it's more than worth the money. (available at boots)

Bobbi Brown Make Up Manual

I picked this up in TK Maxx at a ridiculously cheap price a few months ago, I am in loooove. It tells you everything you need to know, including advice for pro's and amateurs. I'm forever being inspired by the different looks featured inside it. (Bobbi Brown is a beauty genius!) 

Lush 'Robot ' Bath Bomb

I have been putting off using this little guy for so long, he is just too cute to use! Bath bombs from Lush are amazing, they come in pretty much every scent, size and colour possible. The perfect thing to use to brighten up a crappy day (and also a great gift!).

TREsemme Intensive Conditioner (Thermal Recovery)

If you don't use an intensive conditioner or treatment mask, they're really worth giving a go. Whenever I've abused my hair a little too much with heat or I feel like it's getting dry, I will use a treatment like this. I like to leave a mask in for half an hour whilst I'm in the bath, it's a little longer than advised but I really feel like it repairs my hair!

Boots 'Natural Collection' Face Mask

I was first given these as a Christmas present and fell in love, I pick them up all of the time now! They're 99p and usually on some sort of 3 for 2 offer, affordable and they feel amazing. Face masks are perfect for the times when you feel you deserve an extra bit of pampering!

Yankee Candle in 'Sandalwood Vanilla'

This candle smells so fresh and calming, it reminds me of freshly cleaned sheets. Usually I just get the smallest size, as I still cant bring myself to spend ten pounds on just one candle! Burning a candle is a must if you want a relaxing, indulgent bath.

Garnier 'summerbody' Moisturising Lotion

Okay this isn't for the bath but I had to include it... I've not been blessed with tanned skin, so I have to fake it! I've been applying this product generously after every shower/bath and it's given me a lovely, streak-free golden tan. It smells like apricot and doesn't leave you with patchy skin when it wears off, this may be a future holy-grail product!

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  1. The candle sounds delicious, I can not get enough of candles at the moment! Mmmm especially vanilla and minty scents for the summer! x

    1. Yes, it smells so good! Will have to get the bigger version as soon as this one is finished! Any yankee candle scents that you would recommend?!

      Holly xx


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