Chinese For Tea

Thursday, July 11, 2013 Holly 6 Comments



Hello guys! Bit of a late night post, but I'm being a trooper and staying up to write this despite the need to sleep off a huge Chinese meal! I thought I would try my hand at a fashion post, and yes, I know I look incredibly awkward in that photo - I always do. Also, just a pre-warning; I'm in no form a fashionista, I have a tendency to simply wear what I feel comfortable in, so I'm really sorry if this isn't your cup of tea!

I was going out for a Chinese meal with one of my best friends. Knowing that it would be filling (I tend to eat what's on my plate and nibble whatever's left on hers) I wore my most stretchy and comfortable jeans. I teamed this with a baggy chiffon shirt and a gold statement necklace with a tribal design. I also wore my everyday jewellery- my gold Michael Kors watch which I adore, my Pandora ring and Tiffany Bracelet. Shoe-wise I wore my trusty simple black dollys from Primark. I finally added this gold studded faux leather bag from Topshop, again another adored item (bought for twenty pounds in the sale!).

Let me know what you think of this post, I'm a little nervous about putting it up. Also props to my dad for giving into my nagging and taking the photo! 

Hope you've had a lovely evening whatever you have been up to!

Holly xxx


  1. Cute outfit, love the bag, bargain! You always need something comfy if you're eating out ;-) xx

    Curls and Swirls Beauty & Lifestyle

    1. Thank you! Yes, the bag was such a bargain, was so happy when I spotted it!


  2. Lovely outfit, I adore your necklace!
    Haven't had a good chinese in ages, jealous


  3. Thank you! Yes I really like it, it was a bargain too! The Chinese was so nice, definitely need to wear stretchy jeans though hehe!

    Holly xxx

  4. LOVING this outfit! from the necklace to the simple black flats!
    I'd love it if you could check out my blog


  5. Aw thankyou! It just something comfy but still pretty! Yes, of course I would take a look at your blog! :)

    Holly xox


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