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Tuesday, July 09, 2013 Holly 6 Comments

As soon as the sun comes out, my brightest and most vibrant lipsticks make an appearance. I love the look of a bright lip and very basic makeup, teamed with a pretty dress and hair adorned with a topknot. Make the most of your prettiest, loudest lipsticks in your collection because before we know it, winter will be upon us and vampy colours will be in season again!

Here are a few lipsticks that I have been more drawn to now that the sun has come out;

1)Bare' by MUA
A simple nude shade with peachy undertones. Okay, this lipstick isn't 'bright' but wearing it does mean that you can experiment with brighter shades on your eyes!

2) 'Coral Tonic' by Maybelline
This is a punchy orangey red, that works well with any skin tone. Although, it does look it's best when you have a tan!

3) '16' by Kate at Rimmel
This colour is great if you want to go for a statement lip but don't want a lipstick that screams 'look at me'. This pinky-orange pop of colour is so lovely.

4) 'Okaa' by YSL
I was so intimidated by this colour before I tried it on, but once worn it looks a lot more understated than it appears at first glance. This orange shade works amazingly with a bronzed complexion, a definite holiday must have.

5) 'Fuchsia' by Sleek
This lipstick is a gorgeous shade, but is so bright and has to be worn carefully. I think that a full face of makeup and this lipstick would just look too much, so you have to make sure you eye makeup is simple and neutral.

What lipsticks have you been favouring in the sunny weather?

Holly xxx


  1. All of these lipsticks look lovely, especially the YSL one, it's gorgeous! I've been looking for a shade like that :)xo

    1. Yes, the YSL lipstick is so lovely, really glad I bought it now :) Thankyou for your comment!xxx

  2. Great pics! I love the look of coral tonic :-) love your blog! xx

    Curls and Swirls - Beauty & Lifestyle

  3. Thank you! Yes, coral tonic is gorgeous! It's so easy to wear as well!

    Thank you for your comment!

    Holly xxx


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