University Wishlist #02: Travel

Monday, July 22, 2013 Holly 2 Comments

Hello, I hope you all had a lovely weekend! I ended up working through all of it, so that was rubbish, It seems like I'm missing out on so much recently from working every weekend! Anyway, I thought I'd carry on my university series today with a 'wishlist' post about things that I think will be handy when travelling to and from my home and  uni.

1) Jack Wills Umbrella (currently in their sale for sixteen pounds!).
This choice needs no explanation, an essential for the typical UK rainy weather! I think it's better to go for a more expensive brolly as the quality will be a bit better and the annoying wind/inside-out scenario won't happen!

2) Beats by Dr Dre; Lady Gaga Heart Beats earphones (available at very)
Although I would never have the money to spend over a hundred pounds on earphones, these would be right up my street if I did!

3) Cath Kidston Cowboy Weekend Bag
I really like the 'cowboy' design by Cath Kidston, it's really cute and quirky. This bag will be perfect for my comings and goings on the train. (there is also some really nice cowboy pyjama bottoms I have my eye on)

4) Floral Travel Mug (available at Debenhams)
I'm a huge addict fan of coffee, it seems like I have always got a cup in my hand, no matter what I'm doing or where I'm going. That's why I think this pretty travel mug would be perfect for journeys, ugly metal flasks are a thing of the past!

5) Marc Jacobs Daisy Roller Ball Perfume
Roller ball perfumes are perfect to just chuck in your bag, without the fear of a pretty glass bottle breaking or losing a full sized perfume. I've always loved Marc Jacobs 'daisy' perfume, it's lovely and fresh, ideal for summer.

6) Ted Baker Laptop Case
I fell in love with this as soon as I saw it on the Ted Baker website, the mixture of floral and pastel teamed with a dainty bow is so girly and is the perfect addition to my university travel wishlist!

What did you think of this wishlist? Are any of you waiting to hear your results and head off to uni?!
(Results day in less than four weeks if you are - good luck!)

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  1. Both the travel mug and laptop case are adorable! I really love your blog and couldn't help following on Bloglovin - hope you don't mind:) x

    1. Yes they're soo cute! Aw thank you, of course that's fine! I'm already following you, love your blog! x


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