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Friday, July 26, 2013 Holly 9 Comments

Hello, I hope you've all had a lovely week -thank lordy it's the weekend! I went to a friends birthday last night, so I thought I'd post my outfit and makeup. Again, I'm not a makeup artist (although that would be one of my dream jobs) and I'm not a fashion guru, so please don't be mean, it's just something I feel comfortable in.

(please excuse the state of my nails, I had a trauma with some dodgy acrylic nails!)
Shirt £9.00 Primark
Shorts £9.99 H&M
Shoes 19.99 New Look
Bag £45.00  Religion
I really like how this outfit makes me feel (sounds so weird, I know), the baggy chiffon shirt teamed with the tailored shorts give the look a smart clean cut edge with an essence of that 'just came from holiday' casual look. Together the outfit makes me feel dressed up yet laid-back, the cuts and colours are unfussy yet still show class and effort. I find that I'm always drawn to monochrome for more dressy occasions, you'll rarely see me in anything colourful if it's a night out (very boring and safe). I painted my nails red to give the outfit that little pop of colour - so I didn't look like I'd taken the whole look from Cruella Deville's Wardobe!
Whenever I go for a night-out, I either put too little makeup on and end up a bare-faced and oily, or put too much on and end up looking cakey and uncomfortable! (Does this ever happen to you?) I feel like yesterday was one of those 'cakey' days.  Although, I did like my eye-makeup, I was surprised how some of the brown colours from the MUA palette have a purple tone to  them, It looks really pretty when the shadows catch the light. I contoured lightly and wore a nude lip, as I was conscious of looking too 'made-up'. I used the false lashes from my previous post (the ones from Ebay), and added a little of Benefits 'Bad Gal' mascara to make my natural lashes blend in.

Do you have any tips for having makeup that lasts on a night out, without looking cakey? I'd love to hear them!
Thank you for reading,

Holly xxx

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    1. Ah thank you! Yes, they were an absolute bargain!

      Thank you for commenting sweet! x

  2. Firstly, please come and do my make up. Not a make up artist? You should be. You're incredible at make up. Wow.

    Secondly, your outfit. Wow. I am going to go and hunt for that shirt. I have been looking for a blouse like that forever. I'm the same as you, I love baggy blouses with tailored shorts. They give such a clean Mollie King look and that's the look that I absolutely adore.

    What a gorgeous post. Time to stalk your blog now as I am in love. Yay!

    Love Em xxx


    1. Gosh, that was such a nice comment! Sounds sad, but it's put me in such a good mood, thank you so much!
      I was looking for a simple shirt with no extra detailing for ages! guess where I found it? Primark! You should take a look in there.

      I have been loving your blog for so long now, especially the post on the Gaucho restaurant - I'm organising going there in August now!

      Thank you for your comment, it was so lovely to read!

      Love Holly xxx

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  4. You look so gorgeous! I love your outfit and makeup. :)


  5. I love those shorts. Your hair and make up looks gorgeous as well!


    1. yes, I need to go back and get more designs!

      Thankyou for your comment!

      Holly xxx


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