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Saturday, August 24, 2013 Holly 7 Comments

This week has been absolutely manic. A flurry of work, horse racing, food and of course- shopping. It was inevitable that I would neglect Along Came Holly a little bit, I'm sorry it's taken me so long to reply to your comments and write another post. But fear not, I'm back and in full swing. (full swing? I couldn't think of anything else, sorry!)
I had intended to post the travel essentials before I left for Leeds, but in a typical Holly fashion, I left everything to the last minute and had no time what so ever to actually sit down and write. I've only picked a couple of 'holy-grail' travel items, I didn't want to bore you with endless reams of beauty products that have no relation to actually travelling.
First up- James Brown London's Heat Protecting Spray. Going out everyday and wanting to make an effort means that I would be using hot irons on my hair everyday, sometimes even twice a day. Heat protection spray is a necessity for me anyway, although when I'm away and styling my hair a lot I like to use a good brand and a small bottle.
The shade of nail varnish you're wearing, in my case Barry M's Berry. We have all been in the situation where your varnish chips and you've left your polish at home. You're left parading embarrassingly chipped nails for the rest of the trip. Don't let it happen to you girls - Bring it with you!
A primer. Long days = Shiny  Face + Creased Eye Shadow + Foundation Disappearance. A fix? Primer. Applying a primer first thing in the morning before your makeup will ensure that it'll stay on all day. It will promote oil reduction, longevity and moisture. I took my Benefit's Pore Professional with me, it's a tester size and therefore fits oh-so easily into my makeup bag.
Hand Creeeeam. Your hands are one of the first places on your body to show aging, so treat them nicely! I'm always applying hand cream, the scent makes a great sub for perfume and keeps them moisturised. I took a Miniature L'occitane hand cream with me.
It's important to only bring the essentials make-up wise with you, that way you won't forget anything and won't have to cart multiple make-up bags around. My advice for lipstick is to just bring one nude and one bright. Nudes work perfectly for a natural appearance in the day, or teamed with a Smokey eye for night. A nude switched for a bright can instantly add an 'oomph' to your face, dramatizing your look- perfect for evenings. MUA's Shade 16 and Sleeks 'O.M.G' were my choices.
Shower gel is an essential, if you're staying in a hotel. Especially something like a Travel Lodge (who now don't provide toiletries), you will more than likely prefer a shower gel that you use at home. I took a small Ted Baker shower gel with me, great size and smells aaaa-mazing.
Moisturiser. Again, I took a sample I had been given, in this case of Clinique's Dramatically Different Moisturiser. I'm not really a big fan of this product, but my other moisturiser bottle are huge and totally inappropriate for my small toiletry bag.
Finally, I bought a toner with me. I really like this toner from Lancôme, I have the full size, but just fill the sample sized bottle up when I'm away for efficiency.

 Going to the races was a massively new experience for me, I had been Grey Hound Racing once when I was little but it didn't compare at all to the size and grandness of horse racing. We watched outside on the grass beside the race track, accompanied by a picnic adorned with scotch eggs, sandwiches, crisps and other delights. We filled up on wine and waited in anticipation for the races to begin.

If you're wondering as to why I'm not wearing one of the iconic extravagant hats and a bright dress, it's because of where we were sitting. People who were dressed up were on the other side of the race track, inside the really pretty building that I've photographed. They had paid over one hundred pounds for their tickets, which is definitely something I can't afford at the moment. #studentprobs
Unbelievably, I won every race that I bet on! It seems that beginners luck was definitely on my side. This was much to the annoyance of my boyfriend and his dad who had studied the handbook and placed their bets so carefully after analysing every jockey and horse. I on the other hand had picked my choices based on how 'pretty' the jockeys jacket's were or if the horse had a name I liked!
It was a brilliant experience. Crowds of people shouting, beckoning their horse to win, teamed with picnic's and wine made it something I really want to do again. I recommend the races to anyone who's looking for a good day out, you don't even have to bet a lot of money- I put on £1 bets most of the time!

I hope you all enjoy your bank holiday!

Holly xxx


  1. Congrats on winning everything haha! I have only been to the dogs races once, never horse racing. I really want to try the L'Occitane hand cream :) xx

    Curls and Swirls Beauty & Lifestyle

    1. I was so surprised! I didn't even realise my horse had won, I told everyone I'd lost, they asked which horse and it turned out that it had won haha! L'occitane hand creams are lovely, very pricey though, that's why I went for the miniatures! xxx

  2. I love the shade of the Barry M polish, looks so pretty! xx


    1. Yes they're lovely, and on offer for 2 for 6 at superdrug at the mo!xxx

  3. LOVE the nail color! Perfect for summertime xo


    1. Thanks! Yes I am trying to wear it as much as I can! xxx

  4. Of course, I will take a look when I have a minute so hectic at the minute! xxx


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