Hellidon Lakes Spa Day

Sunday, September 22, 2013 Holly 2 Comments

On Thursday my Boyfriend took me on a mystery trip for my nineteenth birthday. I was told to bring evening wear and a bikini.. completely bewildered, I did as I as he said. After an hours journey we arrived at Hellidon Lakes - a beautiful Hotel & Spa hidden in the heart of the countryside.

We bundled our bags into our rooms and headed off to choose our treatments. I went for the most popular combination, a facial and back massage. Trying out a Spa day is something I've wanted to do for so long, I'm really happy with the two treatments I chose. It was the perfect combination to help me to relax before my big uni move the next day. It was so relaxing that I ended up drifting off to sleep! I would definitely go to a Spa again- In fact, my boyfriend and I are already planning on going back at Christmas!

We later got dressed up and headed to the Hotels restaurant for a three course dinner. I think that because the dinner was included in the spa day I expected it to just be average (think Frankie & Bennies burgers and pasta type food). Surprisingly, it was far from it, the menu was filled amazing food titles, ranging from buffalo burger to rare varieties of fish.

When the waitress laid this desert on the table I was so surprised, my boyfriend had snuck off claiming to go to the toilet but had actually asked them to do this!

Why is it, that wherever or whenever a man eats.. if steak is on the menu, he will have that!

It really was a brilliant day, I can imagine that it's the perfect thing to do for real 'bonding' time with someone you're close to, whether that's a best friend, boy friend or even someone like your mum!

I'm really sorry if this post seems a little rushed. I'm absolutely shattered- they weren't kidding when they said that freshers was going to be nine nights of non-stop partying. I promise that when I'm settled in a little more I will be back to normal and posting more regularly. Have any of you just moved to university, how are you finding it?

Holly xxx


  1. This looks lovely and so relaxing! I've never been to a spa but I really want to now haha. Hope you're enjoying freshers! :) xx

    Curls & Swirls Beauty Blog

    1. Aw it was amazing, I really recommend it- you can get such good deals on Groupon for spa days! and yes it's amazing, i'm loving uni!xxx


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