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Wednesday, October 16, 2013 Holly 2 Comments

The winter months have really crept up on us this year. A few weeks ago, when I first moved to University, everyone was sporting summer dresses & converse. Now, its thick winter coats, woollen scarfs and leather Chelsea boots. Although- I'm not complaining. I've always been a winter-baby. I love layering and experimenting with different textures.. I bought the loveliest black fluffy jumper the other day (h&m we love you). I can't wait to add it to some leather-esk trousers and a thick coat, team the outfit with a tartan scarf & you're good to go.

*Blogging in my little uni room is becoming such a pain now, I have to wait for the sun to properly come out from the clouds and take all of my photos in a mad rush! I need to buy some special lighting or something. So I'm sorry if the photos are not as good quality as usual!

Anyway Holly, stop rambling! I thought I'd share with you some of my picks for October, beauty bits that I've been carrying around throughout the month, and some others that I'm eager to use in the coming weeks.

First up is this little tester of GinZing from Origins, I was given this when I booked in for a facial (which I cannot wait for, my skin is in some serious need of therapy!). I have used it a couple of times now and I'm really liking it. The smell is so aromotheraputic (have I just made that word up?), I mean that it's really zesty and refreshing- one of the best things about the product.

I've been carrying around these little L'occitane hand creams around for some time now. They're the perfect hand bag size and are so discrete when you apply them. People always ask what perfume I'm wearing after I've applied this one in particular (F
leur Cherie), they're always so surprised to find out it's just a hand cream!

Next is Maybelline's ColorSensational Lipstick in Pink Punch (number 175). I actually haven't used this yet this month, but I'm eager to team it with a deep brown eye for a night out soon. I use the shade Coral Tonic a lot more for day to day, the pigmentation of these lipsticks are amazing, and they have staying power to rival many high end brands. Try them!

A berry toned varnish is a must in winter months, even though it's a little heart-breaking to send the pretty summer pastels on their way, a colour like this will make you feel a little better! This one is from a Christmas range by Ted Baker. The formula for these aren't great, but if your willing to re-apply regularly to cover chipping you will love their winter shades.

Finally, my new baby- Clinique's stay-matte oil free makeup. It's crazy how attached a blogger can get to an item of makeup! I am guarding the box with my life, determined for it not to dent so it can remain pristine and perfect forever (I'm such a sad act). I don't want to say too much about this foundation as I'm planning on doing an in-depth review later on. What I will say is that it's great for all of you oily skinned girls who get a lot of skin troubles in the colder months!

Have you been liking any products in particular now that it's cooler?

Holly xxx


  1. I loveee the Origins Ginzing Moisturiser and I loveee the look of Pink Punch. Looks like a lovely shade for autumn :)


  2. Oooooh I love the lip colour!!

    I totally feel your pain about the lighting challenges. With days getting shorter, I'm starting to wonder about that too!

    xoxo Jackie


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