BRB Essay writing is taking over my life

Friday, November 01, 2013 Holly 2 Comments

Blogging was so easy when I had nothing to do with my day apart from doss around swatching makeup and writing blog ideas in my notebooks, now university has came along and I have so many things to do. It's a little heart breaking having to drag myself away from  plans of a TOWIE catch ups and wish-list creating to go to Tesco to get something annoying like toothpaste or pasta. But hey-ho, it'll get better (I've recently found out we can order online and get Tesco home delivery to the flat- bingoo). At least that's one thing out of the way.
Anyway, I haven't been able to write on Along Came Holly as much as I would like in the past few weeks, I've noticed the number of posts each month slowly declining on the side bar and have desperately wanted to get back to normal but it's been manic. Whoever said the first year of university was a doss, didn't study marketing. My last assessment is due on the 11th so hopefully then I can find some sort of routine and continue babbling on here. But until then I'll be working my butt off, trying to salvage what ever grade I can get!
Hopefully you guys will understand, it will get back to normal soon - promise!
Holly xxx



  1. Hope you manage to get caught up on your essay writing! I Look forward to seeing more posts again :-) x

    Curls & Swirls Beauty Blog

    1. Thanks, I think I will be fine when I settle into more of a routine! xx


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