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Thursday, November 14, 2013 Holly 4 Comments

Having a busy lifestyle can sometimes mean that showers are the only part of the day where you feel like you actually have time to yourself.
Using products that you love and feel really work can turn ten minutes in the shower into ten minutes of 'me-time'.
Here are a few products that have been keeping me sane since embracing this city life!

*I realised when editing the photos that the lighting was awful in the last few, so I've just had to miss them out - sorry!


Shower Gel
winter + lush = snowfairy.

The staple shower gel for winter months, Lush's Snow Fairy is unavoidable during Christmas time.
The sweet candy-like scent sticks to you for hours on end and leaves your bathroom smelling gorgeous too.

Face Wash
Clinique's gentle face wash is lovely to use.
It gently removes any makeup without stinging your eyes, leaving skin feeling refreshed and energised.
Although the product and packaging themselves aren't very exciting, the results are worth spending a little more on.  

Body Scrub
anatomicals body scrub - the seven deadly skins.
I don't even want to admit how long I've had this, but I just cant throw it away.
It works so well, especially when you need to quickly scrub off any left over tan.
I'm forever finding myself reading the 'seven deadly skins' in the shower!

Shaving is probably the least exciting part of my shower routine- but it has to be done.
I bought three Gillette Venus Oceana (what a bloody mouthful) in a pack for £4.00, they do the job and it's the cheapest I could find, that's all really!


Shampoo & Conditioner
Having only really discovered Herbal Essences last summer, I'm still working my way through the collections.
At the minute I am using their 'Breakage Defender' shampoo and conditioner, which works really well.
I picked them up for £1.00 each in a local pound store, but they don't cost much more in places like Superdrug and Boots.
They keep my hair healthy, perfectly soft and smelling fresh, I wish I found them earlier!  

Hair Mask
Lee Stafford's poker straight hair mask for flat-iron addicts.
I have used Lee Stafford's hair masks for a good few years now.
I usually go to the Clothes Show and stock up when they're on the three for £10.00 offer.
I really recommend them, my hair was so damaged before I started using them, but now it's been completely rejuvenated.

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