What To Wear For a Job Interview In The Fashion Industry

Monday, November 18, 2013 Holly 2 Comments

Okay, so you finally have that interview for the job or internship you've been pining after. Then it hits you; ' What the hell am I going to wear?!'.
Dressing for an interview in the fashion industry is definitely a lot different to dressing for accounting or dentistry!
You need to show that you love fashion, know your own style and yet still appear smart and dressed for the occasion.
Having been to interviews in the fashion industry, I know what a task this can be.
Especially if this is your first.
I've put together a few outfit ideas with some pointers to head you in the right direction, hopefully it helps!

Look One

This is something I'm thinking of wearing to a interview in a few weeks.
 I'd wear the shift dress with tights and small heels to make it more formal (but I also love how you could wear it day to day too).
For me, monochrome is always the best way to go for an interview, it's formal but you can still show your style through different prints and textures.

Look Two
If you're nervous about appearing too casual this is probably the best way to go.
The cropped black subtly patterned trousers add a fashionable twist to the usual boring cut.
I think they would look nice with a sheer blouse, teamed with a peachy lip.
A great way to express your personality is through accessories and makeup (but don't go too wild, natural shades only!). 

Look Three

I'd love to be able to pull off this outfit, sadly I'm not confident enough to wear a full-on tartan skirt!
I think the tartan skirt adds a pop of colour to an all black outfit (again teamed with tights- it's cold and you don't want to look like an idiot!). 
This look says that you're confident, fashion-forward yet ready to get down to business.


1) Don't be afraid to wear flats, there's no point in wearing heels if you cant walk in them!
2) Put your CV in a nice folder, not folded in half in the bottom of your bag.
3) Fork out on a decent pair of shoes.
4) Wear a sensible bag, Pauls Boutique is a no no.
5) Pick an outfit that you feel comfortable in, fidgeting around in a skirt that really isn't you isn't going to boost your confidence. 
6) Finally; Smile & be confident. The worst thing that can happen is you not getting the job, but you'll still gain valuable interview experience!

*This is my opinion on what I would wear to an interview in the fashion industry, If you disagree then please refrain from any negative comments.*
If any of you have an interview coming up, then good luck!
Holly xxx


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