A Winter Guide to a Good Nights Sleep

Thursday, December 12, 2013 Holly 1 Comments


Being sure of a good nights sleep can be difficult at any time of year, but with the accumulating stresses of Christmas reeling in, winter can be a toughie compared to other seasons.
Thoughts like; "I must remember this""Did I do that" & "I wonder what to get her" can build up and prevent a needed stress-free sleep.
I've decided to share with you what has really been helping me clam down and get a good nights sleep in the past few weeks 
Who knows, you might even spot a few things to add to your Christmas wish list!

The few hours leading up to going to bed are so important.
Key to letting you unwind and de-stress, so you don't have any of those irritating 'Should I' 'Could I' thoughts in your head.

 I find that a long hot bath is the sure way to relax and detox from the days stresses.
Lush's products are great for adding that something extra to your bath, adding that little pamper element to get you in the mind set to relax (bubbles are also a must!).
After, I always choose a favourite body lotion to apply.
Mine at the moment is Body Shop's coconut milk.
There's nothing better than snuggling up in new sheets after a hot bath and smelling all lovely!

Next up, I'll complete my usual skin care routine; cleanse, tone & moisturise, but add a little twist.
Liz Earle Superskin Concentrate.
This stuff is a-mazing, if I could recommend one thing from my winter guide-  it would be this.
I apply a generous amount in circular motions to my cleansed face and neck, then massage it into my skin- again in circular motions.
The scent of Superskin is divine, not perfumey but natural and slightly woody.
I wish they did a whole body version of this!
If you find yourself at a Liz Earle counter ask to smell it- the most gorgeous scent ever ever ever.

Okay so, you're all scrubbed up and in your pyjamas.
What next?
Fluffy Socks of course.
I buy mine from Primark for around £2, they're perfect for padding around the house in; especially if you have kitchens with really cold tiles like me!
I know people find it weird, but I do tend to sleep with these on if it's an especially cold night.
My feet are always frozen (I have two pairs of fluffy socks on right now!) so I need anything to help keep me warm.
I like to light a few candles and let my room fill with their scent (Yankee Candle's Sandlewood Vanilla is a favourite).
While the candles burn I usually turn to the book I'm currently reading.
Snuggled up into my covers I'll turn the pages until my eyes start drooping.
I'll quickly blow out the candles (usually on my bedside table) and drift off.
Sleeping through the rest of the night like a baby.

Holly xxx

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  1. Great post! I always find myself struggling to sleep at night so I tend to read on my phone until I feel tired. Cute pictures :-) xx

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