Burberry's Autumn/Winter 14 Menswear Show

Saturday, January 11, 2014 Holly 0 Comments

So, this week I was lucky enough to do some work experience with the events team at Burberry.
I spent the day before the show helping them prepare the many guest seating cards and running last minute errands.
I loved every minute of it, working in events is definitely going to be something I'll aspire to do when I leave Uni.

Before leaving and returning to what would be my home for the night, they very kindly gave me an invitation to the show the next day.
- A bloggers dream come true!
I tried my hardest not to squeal and act as casually as possible when they gave it to me!

How cute is the invite?! I'm definitely holding on to it for memories!

 The show was everything I imagined it to be.
It was set in a gorgeous gazebo in Kensington Gardens.
I honestly felt like I was a whole world away when I arrived, everything was so beautiful and all of the guests dressed fabulously!

The models walked gracefully up and down the catwalk whilst the guests gazed at their outfits.
I saw so many purses of lips and occasional nods of approval.
It felt like I was in a scene from something like Ugly Betty or The Devil Wears Prada!
The tent erupted in applause when the models did their final walk.
My photos are a bit rubbish, because I was excitedly clapping away!

I felt so sad to leave and return to the tube and the long train journey home.
What an amazing experience - I am indeed a very lucky girl.

Holly xxx


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