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Monday, January 13, 2014 Holly 0 Comments

Seventeen's phwoarr Paint.
The latest addiction to my ever-growing  collection of warpaint.
(or makeup to those lucky few of you who aren't constantly wagering a war against blemishes, huge pores and pesky dark circles).
Released late last year, this heavy duty under eye concealer has definitely made an impression on the Bloggisphere.
After seeing post after post adorning my 'blog lovin' feed, I knew I had to try it out.
So, when my trusty Soap & Glory Kick Ass Concealer ran out (reviewed here) , my first stop was Boots' own brand- Seventeen.
'Phwoarr' is held in a cute small black open-up pot, similar in style to Bobbi Brown's concealer.
(Except the pot is adorned with that bloody awful name) 
The packaging design is nice, I really like the font style and the unique way of showing the concealer shade.
I also like how there is a teeny mirror along with the product- very handy for on the go top-ups.

Surprisingly, the products formula is very similar that that of my Kick Ass Concealer.
Creamy and easily evenly applied with either your brush or fingers.
The peach tones perfectly cancel out the greeny shades surrounding my eyes - hallelujah.

In terms of staying power, Phwoarr also impresses.
It doesn't go cakey or dry out (as with what happens with many concealers).
I did notice a little bit of creasing, but no much more than Kick Ass and nothing majorly noticeable!
I'd definitely recommend Phwoarr to those of you on a budget, it's so much cheaper than the likes of Bobbi Brown and it does a pretty good job!
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