Pies & Peas; A little trip up North.

Saturday, January 04, 2014 Holly 1 Comments

On Friday morning, my boyfriend and I packed our weekend bags and bundled into the car.
A two and a half hour journey ahead of us.
( Three, if you count the absolutely necessary pit stop for a McDonalds). 
With the prospect of going back to uni looming  ahead, I've been trying to do as many things as possible before the onslaught of packing and revision begin.

I took this photo as we arrived in Sheffield and fell totally in love.
It's already been Tweeted and Instagramed galore, not to mention it also being saved as my phones home screen.
Without sounding like too much of a cheeseball; it's so beautiful, it makes me want to own a little cottage in the countryside with views like this myself.

We eventually arrived at a small town called Huddersfield, and headed to the towns 'premier drinking venue' ( as the quirky, hilarious owner would describe it).
A quaint pub, almost hidden along one of the old cobbled streets. 

It was my boyfriend's Nan's 75th birthday, more than a reason to celebrate for all the family and friends that had travelled to see her.
Every wall, patch of ceiling and photo frame was covered in a mixture of Christmas tinsel, birthday banners and sparkly decorations.
The perfect setting for the constant chatter, laughter and pub games that were to follow.
 We set a record of flipping 18 coasters off the table and catching them.
It'll sound a little bizarre if you've never tried the coaster game, but it's so addictive.

At around ten o'clock shouts of "The pies and peas are ready!" filled the pub.
We trundled into a queue and we're greeted by steaming pork pies absolutely covered in mushy peas and topped with mint sauce.
A proper Northern tradition apparently.
It tasted amazing.
I even had seconds.

(okay, it looks awful here, but I promise it tasted good!)

We eventually said goodbye to everyone, and took the short walk back to his Nans cottage.
I had such a good time, I feel a little sad to be back sitting in my room writing all about it!
I hope you all have a lovely weekend.
Holly xxx


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  1. oh my gosh im northern and have never heard of pies and peas?!!! crazy haha, ive visited huddersfield before to go to titanic spa, as its quite close to leeds and it is very northern haha!

    you had such a lovelyy time from the looks of it :)
    looking stunning as per - give me your hair! also majorly jealous, living my dream working for burberry. you lucky girl!

    xx Love Em xx


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