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Friday, April 25, 2014 Holly 2 Comments

I feel that there is a huge misconception with being a confident person, and I too, have fallen for it. I used to think being confident meant that you had to be the loudest, prettiest or funniest person.. I guess I used to think that in some shape or another, you had to be the 'best' at something. I know now that that couldn't be further from the truth; the most confident people are those that are happy with themselves and embrace their flaws. Presenting themselves in a way that says: 'Hey, I'm not perfect, but you know, I'm actually alright.'

It takes alot to learn to like yourself. Well, I know at least it was the case for me. When I was around 15, I would always look to the prettiest, loudest girls and presume that they were confident, and that I, a huuuge introvert would never be as confident as them. It took a summer of revising for A-levels and spending a WHOLE load of time by myself, to actually get to know what I was like as a person and learn to like myself. I think that's the main thing, spending time with yourself and learning to have fun on your own. You'll find yourself not looking to others for something to idolise, but looking to yourself instead. A great thing is falling in love with the stupid, embarrassing things you do as a person on a day to day basis; learning to laugh at them, instead of becoming annoyed that you would do or say something so (for better words) 'uncool'.

Honestly, you'll be able to handle so many situations that you couldn't previously; speaking to someone new and being rejected, to name a few. After all, you know yourself better than anyone else in the whole world- If you think you're a nice, genuine person and that 'You're actually alright', then you'll fly.
Basically, Learn to like yourself & embrace your inner weirdo, it'll do wonders for your confidence.

p.s how cute is the photo?!

Have a lovely weekend guys.
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  1. Lovely post :) it's great to know you've grown as a person and become more confident! I feel the same as you. I was so unhappy with myself when I was aged 11-14 but then I soon realised that not everyone is perfect and I would rather be an intelligent girl who works hard, than someone who is loud and gets attention from everyone. Looking back now I'm better off than those people anyway! xx


  2. This is great post and such a cute photo.

    It's really hard to be confident and it's funny because most people think of others as being confident who don't feel that way about themselves!

    xo Jackie
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