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We've all been there; the first time we really get into makeup and are fascinated with changing our appearances. You just want to be grown up and glamorous, and despite our mums tuts of disapproval and naggings to just be 'natural' - we think we look fabulous.
Oh Lordy, how wrong were we...

1) Our first run in with tweezers: we'd pluck and pluck and pluck some more, until we'd have two very thin lines and a permanently shocked expression upon our faces.

2) The fringe. A dramatic comb-over from one ear to the next, completely plastering our entire forehead - cringeeeee.

3) Hair straightened morning and night with no heat protection, will resemble that of a scarecrow.

4) A majorly needed lesson: If you're gonna apply foundation with your hands... wash them afterwards! I vaguely remember a gaggle of us crowded around the toilet mirror reapplying our already cakey foundation, and the subsequent orange finger prints that covered my math books. Nice. (I went to a girls school - I have no idea who I was trying to impress!)

5) Speaking of foundation... its for our faces, not our lips,  OUR FACES. Oh how I wish someone had told me how awful I looked..

6) Eyeliner is best applied daintily, or not at all. Covering your entire eyelid and half of your lower temple in thick black liquid is not a good look.

7) You apply fake tan with a mitt and then wash it off before you actually go out. Smelling of freshly applied St Moriz  tan is not ideal..

8) Extensions are supposed to be the same colour as your hair, and the clips? Not meant to be visible, I repeat -  not meant to be visible.

9) Dying your hair black in an attempt to look like a Kardashian or bleaching it blonde in an to be the next Miley will either leave you looking like Adams Family Morticia or Borris Johnson. No, Seriously. Pitch black hair, dodgy extensions and over plucked eyebrows were my downfall!

10) The number one thing I wish I had been told? Makeup ruins your skin and constantly straightening and dying your hair will ruin that too. Keeping it natural for as long as possible is the best idea!

Have a lovely weekend guys. It made me laugh thinking about how bloody awful I made myself look when I was younger - I hope you enjoyed the post. It's so nice to spend my Saturday night writing and messing around taking stupid selfies with a glass of wine - some of them were far too cringe to put on the blog though. They'd probably come back and haunt me on my wedding day or something!

Holly xxx


  1. I couldn't agree more with you, especially no. 10 :( That's why we should know the ingredients of our skin care, hair care and makeup :)


  2. haha yes definitely made a lot of those style faux pas in my early teens too!


  3. Guilty of all of these hahah! I used to wear Dream Matte Mousse in a lovely orange tone and my naturally dark hair was dyed bleach blonde haha Omg looking back I don't know what we were all thinking!! xx



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