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Dress £149, Bag £109, Purse £79, Heels £120

We love you Ted, we do. We love you Ted, we do.
We love you Teeeeeed, we do. Ohhhh Ted, we love you.
So on today's latest revision detour, I found myself over at Ted Baker's website, hyperventilating over their Summer Collection. It is SO nice. I would happily wear anything, just look at that dress! Oh, and the bag! Urgh, so perfect! (okay, I get a little too over excited when it comes to clothes I can't afford.)
Ted Baker is definitely the brand you should take a look at if you're willing to splurge this summer. So many of the clothes and accessories have an amazing print design (the bird one on the dress above it my favourite). I also spotted some lovely evening dresses, perfect for prom or any end of year uni balls! Things are pretty pricey; I would have to sacrifice over a months worth of grocery money for example, to buy that dress (£149, & Yes, I was insane enough to contemplate doing that!)
I have linked the website here, should any of you want to take a look. But seriously, a word of warning - you will be sat drooling for ages!
Have a lovely weekend!

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  1. That dress is so beautiful *_* I'm a complete sucker for anything with birds on. If only I had the money!
    Jasmine xo | www.rabbitwoodblog.co.uk

    1. I know Ted baker is such a tease! :( xxx

  2. I really like the dress, the bird pattern is sooo pretty. I really like the colours of the bag and clutch as well. If only I had the money, I'm just going to drool now haha



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