Burberry Women's Wear Spring/Summer Show 15

Tuesday, September 16, 2014 Holly 1 Comments

 Yesterday marked the second from final day of London Fashion Week, and SHOW DAY for everyone at Burberry. As some of you know, I am lucky enough to intern with the events team in the weeks coming up to Burberry's fashion shows - I still get so excited saying that!
Anyway, as a thank you for helping the girls in the office out, they usually give us tickets to the show.

I got up at 4am yesterday and headed to Burberry HO for 7am, another intern and I held the fort back at the office whilst the events team set up the venue. It looked amazing didn't it?!

Later in the day Chloe and I (the other intern) arrived at Kensington Park, and met some other girls that interned during the week. (It's usually me and another girl for just over two weeks, with around 4/5 interns coming in on two days to help with things like invitations and seating cards). Almost 2000 guests arrived at the huge, flamboyantly decorated tent - the theme was 'the birds and the bees'. Sounds of a British garden played while guests chatted away and slowly began to make their way to the seats. I can't even begin to imagine how much work must have gone into creating the tent and runway- it looked incredible, so unique!

Also- best FROW ever? I think so! I kept glancing over to the VIPs whilst the show was happening, I love watching their reactions to the models and outfits walking past!

Chloe looked amazing (as per) she wore a gorgeous skirt from H&M teamed with a basic T and statement necklace. She got stopped by a photographer who asked for her photo as her outfit was that nice! I wore a typical Holly outfit... trousers and a baggy top - surprise surprise. I promise I will come out of my trouser ridden comfort zone one day...  My top was also from H&M, I wish I took a photo of the back -  it has a lovely intricate strap design!

These are the rest of the girls that came to help us out a few times - they were sooo lovely. They look incredible don't they?! I fell in love with the girl on the far left's coat!

After the show, a few of us (the northern girls, typical!) went for cocktails on the rooftop bar at Selfridges. (If you've never been there then you should go, it's the perfect place for a pit-stop away from the hustle and bustle!). It was such a nice day and end to interning.
I'm back in London next week though, starting a new internship at a PR company, so that should be fun!

What did you guys think of the show? And of the models wearing trainers instead of heels?!

Holly xxx

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  1. Ahh this looks like so much fun!! Looks like such a good day! So jealous you get to intern for Burberry! DREAM! Are you at uni or do you do it along with your job?

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