I climbed the o2!

Sunday, September 28, 2014 Holly 0 Comments

 Instead of my usual Saturday routine of going to the pub with friends and family, last week I headed to London to climb the o2. It was my friends 21st birthday and I wanted to give them something worth remembering but on a student budget. (oh how I can't wait to go on placement and finally earn some money!)
I booked the 7.30 climb. I always think that cities look so much prettier in the dark - as you can see from this photo! Climbs later in the day (from around 6 o'clock onwards), are a little more expensive. It cost just over thirty pounds each, compared to around twenty in the day. The view was incredible, you can see all of the boats travelling in the Thames too. Totally worth the money! 

The one thing I wasn't impressed with was the suits and shoes. An oversized blue plastic climb suit teamed with shoes my dad would wear wasn't very chic! -Although, after a few sarcastic comments on my part, I was told it wasn't a fashion show!
 I took close to half an hour to climb to the top, where we were greeted by that incredible view! We spent a while taking some obligitory 'I'm on top of the o2!' selfies and was told that Tinie Tempah had been up there the day before us!
 When we finally got back to ground level, I was treated to a little bear for memories - I named him Up!

 I would really recommend climbing the o2 as a gift or even 'just because', it's something really different and can be the perfect end to a day in London!

I hope you've all had a lovely weekend!
Holly xxx


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