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I'm a huge fan of dewy skin. I get serious face envy whenever I see one of my favourite celebrities sporting a healthy glow effortlessly (Rosie HW and Millie Mackintosh spring to mind). However, whenever I've added illuminator into my foundation in the past, I've ended up looking sweaty or like a glittering human disco ball.

That is, until I was gifted this illuminator when interning at a Beauty PR company last month. I got sick as soon as I returned to uni a few days after the internship finished and desperately needed a skin pick-me-up to stop me greeting my friends after a summer apart looking like a total Zombie.

I added a pea sized amount to my usual 1/2 pump Maybeline Even Better Skin & 1/2 pump Clinique Stay Matte Foundation mix. The result? An even, subtle golden glow that gave my skin an instant lift. It didn't look greasy or oily as I feared (especially as I have uber oily skin naturally). I've fallen in total love with it, and as you can tell by the photo - the bottle is huuuge, So I can't see myself running out anytime soon.

I would really recommend this for anyone looking for a subtle sun kissed glow to enhance any dull skin without having to pay out a bomb for the likes of Benefits High-Beam!
Enjoy the rest of your week!
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  1. Love the sound of this, so affordable too! Great find! :) x


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