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A few things I've been reaching for since I've been back at Uni.  I'm so glad I've got pretty stuff to fill my room with! My friends and I are renting a huge Victorian house for second year - and my room is too big (yes I just said too big!). A big house seemed like a good idea at the time, but it's freezing and its so hard to make big rooms homely! (A word of advice to all of the freshers: second year homes are better cosy!) 

1.  Queen of Spread Sheets Tin - Gift  I was given this as a birthday present from one of the girls I intern with at Burberry. Apparently I have had a hidden talent at creating Excel Spreadsheets - Glad I come in handy Somewhere! It's filled with loads of post-it notes, perfect for jotting down memo's when I can't be bothered rummaging through my bag for a notebook.
2. Henna Style Notebook  - TK Maxx   I was also given this as a birthday present. I spotted it when I was shopping with my mum and heavily hinted that I would love it as a birthday present. If you know me in person, you'll recall that I have a serious notebook obsession - this one has been dedicated to placement notes. (Yes I'm aware that a book dedicated to placement is very sad.) I love the cover design and the small bells that have been sewn into the binder (is that the right word!?).

3. Sweet Pea Room Spray - Marks and Spencer  Being a girl, I have a strong tendency to try and comfort myself through curling up in my duvet with some form of smelly food (usually pasta). I much prefer spraying my room with this rather than normal air freshener after, plus it looks so pretty on my bedside table!

4. 'It's Not How Good You Are' Book - Urban Outfitters  I absolutely adore the books in Urban Outfitters. I could spend all day (in fact I usually spend longer than I probably should) just flicking through them. If you haven't taken a look at the books in there before, you really should. They're full of pointless things like quotes, recipes and really random things like plaited hairstyle ideas! This book has motivational bits of advice focused on your career -  it kind of relates to the well known 'Fake it 'til you make it' TED video. So if you like that, you'll love reading this.

5. Charbonnel et Walker Champagne Truffles - John Lewis  Another birthday gift, and far too posh to be wasted on a student like me! I'm keeping these on my bedside table alongside my room spray. I only opened the box this week and already only have 3 left... oops. These make for a great present, I'm sure most girls would love some!
I'm trying to post a little more regularly now, any ideas of what else you'd like to read?

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  1. Fabulous and chic post hun! I have that Paul Arden book, its one of my all time favs! So many great tips in it. I must check out Urban Outfitters for books, thanks for the heads up!! :-) xx

    Helen | Helens Fashion & Beauty Blog

    1. Thank you!! Yes it's great to just pick up and read randomly!



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