Ten Reasons Why You Should Take Up Running

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Running can be tough. It makes you conscious of looking more like a chicken than Paula Radcliffe, bumping into that guy as a sweaty mess and leaves you aching for days. But why do so many of us do it? Here's ten reasons why running may just be worth the lack of grace, sweat and pain.

1. Running Saves Money. How much does it cost for a twenty minute run around town? Zilch. And, how much does it cost to run on a treadmill at the gym? A hell of a lot more. Just think - you could buy a new pair of shoes every month if you ran outside!

2. Excuse to eat carbs. Running is the perfect excuse to curl up with a bowl of uber cheesy pasta. It's one of the best calorie burning exercises and besides, you need your fuel!

3. Get a natural glow. It sounds gross, but sweat can bring out the natural oils in your face, helping improving skin's appearance and leaving it looking radiant!

4. It Puts you in a good mood. Running encourages your brain to produce a chemical called serotonin, something that encourages happiness and leaves you feeling de-stressed!

5. Improved Sleep. Research has proven that regular running can improve sleep, leaving you able to snooze with ease - perfect for my fellow insomniacs out there!

6.  Running can make you kick ass. Okay, I have no scientific studies to help prove this, but it feels amazing to push yourself a little further every time you run. Not to mention seeing how much you improve over time.

7. Running gives you an excuse not to think. Putting your earphones in and concentrating on beating yesterdays run creates the perfect opportunity to block out the world. If ever I'm worried, I run. It leaves you feeling strangely elated and creates a positive mind set. Problems never seem so bad post-run!

8. Helping Others. Running can create so many positive opportunities. For example, training, fundraising and completing a charity race leaves you feeling so accomplished and can help others in situations not as good as your own.

9. It looks good on your CV. Having a hobby like running on your CV still shows that you're reliable, dedicated and motivated. Perfect for students who don't have as much work experience!

10. Running improves stamina. A benefit in more than one situation...
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