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FACEB4 Anti-Bacterial Face Wash
Last Summer, my skin completely freaked out. I have no idea why - I've always been quite lucky with my complexion. But, all the way through June to September my face was covered in blemishes - I would go as far to say that it was Acne.
It absolutely crushed my confidence; starting when I had just began to go to a new Uni in France and when I went travelling after. I would feel so self conscious every time someone looked directly at me - I'd be certain that they were gawping at how awful my skin was. I even had an idiot comment on how much make up I had to put on to cover them - being quite a sensitive person already, it took everything for me not to cry!
I can't imagine how hard it must be for people who have suffered with Acne for a longer period of time.That's why I've been meaning to share with you the product that (I think) saved my skin.
FACEB4 Anti-Bacterial wash was something that I used twice a day for about a month. It's a bacteria-fighting foam that you gently massage into wet skin - wait for one minute - then rinse off. I noticed results almost immediately after using it: I stopped getting new break outs and after about a week, the ones I already had started to fade dramatically.
I used it right up until the bottle ran out and was left with a near enough clear complexion! I only have a few scars that won't seem to budge left, so If you know any good products to help scars fade, please let me know! I really recommend this product if you are suffering with bad skin - it worked absolute wonders for me.
Now that I only have to fight the occasional spot, I use a Tea Tree Facial Wash from Body Shop. The formulae for FACEB4 is pretty intense and did dry out my skin, so I wouldn't recommend it for long-term use.
FACEB4 is available from Boots, and around the £10 mark.
I really hope that it works as well for you as it did for me if you are suffering with bad skin!
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  1. Ooh this sounds so good, I deffo need to try it! x

    1. Yes it's amazing!! Let me know how you get on!! x


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