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Waking up early afternoon on Sunday morning, after a well over due night out (I can't wait to share what I was out celebrating!) - my friend suggested heading over to London for a wander around Camden market.
I shoved my hair up and threw on my Sunday uniform; black skinnies, an over sized shirt layered with a jumper & leather jacket, teamed with my oh-so comfy Nike Free Runs. We clambered into the car and began the hour's long journey.
We firstly headed to the jewellery, clothes and nik naks market. Where I bought a really pretty Stirling silver and rose quartz ring. I was desperate for a dainty evil eye ring, but my fingers are so bloody skinny that I couldn't find one to fit!
After, we made our way to Camden Lock with the intention of stuffing our faces with street food.
 I made sure that I wandered past every stall, just so that I made the right choice in edible hangover remedy!


I went for a huge classic burger - the type where it's impossible to eat like a lady and you have no choice but to have sauce dribble down your chin (on more than one occasion).
Hangover sorted and the stalls packing up, we jumped on the tube back to where we parked the car and headed back home.
 I wish I could spend every Sunday at Camden!
Holly xxx


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