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Does anyone else end up spending an entire evening watching Youtube makeup videos, then be determined to apply your makeup like a new woman the next day?

That's what happened to me today. I spent an abnormal amount of time staring Meer-Cat eyed at my laptop screen last night. Watching make up tutorial after makeup tutorial - I've recently discovered Ruby Golani and am a woman obsessed.

I woke up this morning with the single goal of perfectly applying my winged eye-liner and chasing after that Kylie Jenner style lip. This is what I came out with.

I even took the time to contour, and we all know how much of an effort that is.

I've been using, and loving Rodial's new makeup range on a daily basis. They're the first brand I've seen to sell a contouring dedicated makeup line - with specifically tailored shades and formulas to help you fake the Kardashian-esk angular bone structure.

Today, after applying foundation (Clinique super balanced makeup in shade 4) I applied their Instaglam Contouring Powder in shade 3 to sculpt and define my cheek bones. It's a perfectly matte brown powder that blends seamlessly.

To lift my cheekbones and brighten my complexion I also used Rodial's Instaglam Highlighter...

Ok brace yourselves.

This stuff is AMAZING.

Instaglam Highlighter is a creamy yellow-toned highlighting illuminator that works absolute wonders. I was so surprised at how brightening and uplifting the formulae was... it made me look as though I had ten hours sleep the night before (which couldn't be further from the truth) and gave me a really lovely glow. If you have trouble with under eyes or want a liquid highlighter similar to those pictured with Kim K... then buy this. Amaaazing.

I applied a little of my favourite Dior blush at a slightly lower angle than usual in the shade 02. This gave my makeup a pop of colour, but wasn't too overpowering as it wasn't close to the dark makeup in my eye area.

For eyes, I slicked on a deep green Rituals eye shadow. The shade was called 'Jade Jewel'. I love the look of green eye shadow with green eyes. I then defined the eye area with Rodial's eye sculpt, a super pigmented eye shadow/mousse hybrid. To finish I (carefully) applied my winged liner using Collection 2000's dark brown liquid liner.

For a final touch I liberally applied a gorgeous hot pink shade (shade 112) from Dior to my lips.

I hope you all have a lovely Sunday. I'm about to run to the station and go back home to have Sunday dinner with my parents!
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