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I've been to Cambridge a couple of times in the past to see my uni friends in holidays. However being a student (surprise, surprise), I only ever managed to catch a glimpse of the inside of taxis, clubs and kebab shops. 

This time I was determined to actually do something a little more cultured. Although we did spend the first day shopping - I just can't say no to Kiko! We did spend the second day wandering around the back lanes, colleges and even managed to go punting! 

I loved seeing all of the bikes - there really are as many as people make out! 

 I love this photo of my friend, Nicole. 

 A little windswept! 

Punting was so much fun. Even though it was a really nice day, the wind was crazily strong and freezing. We wrapped up in blankets for the whole time! 

I'd really recommend going to Cambridge if you want a couple of days away. I felt so sad to get on the train home - it genuinely felt like a miniature holiday!

Have an amazing Easter. 

Holly xx 


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