Thursday, April 23, 2015 Holly 0 Comments

1. Fancy dress is totally acceptable no matter the occasion and it's the norm to turn up to the following day's seminars still covered in last night's fancy dress paint.

2. 'You're supposed to treat university like a full time job' is what our lecturers told us when we first started.

 I've now come to realise that this full time job includes laying in until 2pm and involves watching endless amounts of Netflix.

Best job in the world?

3. You can reach a whole new level of weirdness with your friends... usually your housemates.

4. You can eat pizza for breakfast.

5. Everybody is poor when it comes to food shopping but acts like complete ballers on a night out. Shots on me?

6. You can start university and take up any sport/interest. Belly Dancing? Fez hat society? Yeah, I could do that.

7. You become fluent in sarcasm.

8. It's the norm to only get dressed if you're actually venturing outside.

9. The 'sniff' test rules above all else. Food out of date? Already worn a top? If it aint smelling then I aint a' throwing. Money and effort saved. Winning.

10.  You can go out on whatever day of the week you want. Let's face it, that isn't gonna happen when we graduate and have jobs in the real world. Sob! 


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