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I've grown to believe that if you're going to be something; be ambitious, driven and waking up to something you love. I've had friends tell me that goals to be an entrepreneur, CEO or even a voice for people aren't heard themselves are not realistic, but I think tables are turning.

Everyday I'm reading about amazing women, who are evolving the industries they're involved in; commanding board rooms, creating brands and really making people listen - all of which in killer heels. So, with women kicking ass in mind, here are seven who are worth admiring:

1. Natalie Massenet
‘Success begins at that magical moment when you declare to yourself, your friends, and the universe that you believe you can do something different.’

Natalie Massenet, founder of luxury e-commerce giant, Net-A-Porter, has built an estimated £50 million pound fortune. With campaigns such as #YouCanSitWithUs and the title of Executive Chairman for the British Fashion Council under her belt, Natalie has proven that a great taste in clothes, fierce motivation and a hint of luck can make something magical.

I loved Marie Claire's article on Natalie's career - linked here.  


2. Emma Watson
Actress, Model, Activist, Graduate (the list goes on...)

The recent Browns Graduate has adorned our screens for many years. Having very much become the face of our generation, the 25 year old actress has now turned to be a voice for equal rights between sexes. Challenging the negative associations surrounding the term 'feminism' and leading the #HeforShe storm, Emma Watson is proving that you can have it all and help others, too.

Find details on the #HeForShe Campaign here.

 3. Sofia Vergara
Actress & Business Founder
Although Sofia Vergara is a highly successful and undoubtedly gorgeous actress; featuring in films such as Chef and Hot Pursuit. It's a little known fact that she has actually founded a multi million dollar business, LatinWE; aiming to promote Latin actors/actresses success in the film industry through talent management and entertainment marketing.

4. Nancy Meyers
Probably one of the only recognised female directors
A few weeks ago, I was looking through an IMDB's 'Top 100 Directors' list (linked here) and realised that there were no women - (no women?!). After a good few minutes of pondering, Nancy Meyers was one of the only successful female directors I could think of, having created films such as 'The Holiday' and 'Something's Got To Give' (both must see chick-flicks). So needless to say, Nancy Meyers is undoubtedly kicking ass in a heavily male dominated industry. You go, Girl.

5. Jo Elvin
Editor-In-Chief, Glamour Magazine

How many girls would kill for Jo Elvin's job? I know that I'm one of them. Although you'd assume that Jo would have taken a degree in journalism, Jo took a less conventional route. I recently read an interview where she spoke of her career success, and said that she dropped out of her Communications degree to pursue a role at Dolly magazine. Since then, she's just worked her way up. Proving that diligence and a positive attitude, is far more valuable than a degree.

6.Maria Hatzistefanis
Founder and CEO, Rodial and Nip and Fab Cosmetics

I've loved Rodial cosmetics for as long as I can remember, after buying their Brazilian Tan (reviewed here), I was hooked. So when I had the pleasure of writing press releases for their new ranges back in October, I couldn't help but do a little research on the company background... Since seeing a gap in in the beauty skin care market, Maria has created two unparalleled brands, represented by the industry's most lust after faces (Kylie Jenner and Daisy Lowe spring to mind). Since identifying her as my career-girl crush, I have stalked her Instagram and Snap Chat relentlessly - her endless morning meetings are making me realise how hard I'll have to work to set up my own business!


7. Bryony Gordon
Journalist, Author and brutally honest muse for anyone in their twenties

'The Wrong Knickers', is the first and only book I've ever read, cover to blurb in one day. The Telegraph journalist has now turned author; swapping interviewing the likes of Cheryl Cole to tell-tale on the mischief in her twenties. With her first novel peaking best sellers lists for weeks, Bryony's candid recollection of her twenties had me cackling with laughter, cringing and ferociously nodding in agreement.

Holly xx


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