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Travelling is an awesome experience that I would recommend everyone do at least once in their lives. Nowadays, it's so much more accessible and affordable compared to when our parents were younger - there really is no excuse not for going. I can't wait to see where I end up in the future.

 Here are 5 ways that travelling has changed me as a person so far:

You learn the lesson: 'Do it now'

Whilst no one needs to ask me twice to spontaneously book a trip to a different country, I learned the hard way that it's probably best if you actually book the tickets back as soon as possible. Last year, I had no idea what country I'd be in in the final leg of our trip, but knew I had to be back by a certain date. I ended up forking out for a £200 single ticket back from Paris because I left it too late. Ouch. Nowadays, if I have to do something, I act on it immediately. 

You become more aware and accepting of other people's opinions

Thanks to the international summer school I attended in France and my tendency to strike up conversation with the most random people; I have been lucky enough to meet so many friends from different cultures. Whilst it's a lot of fun hanging out, you also encounter so many different opinions and values as a result of your different upbringings. Whilst I may not of agreed with all of their opinions, I learned to appreciate their perceptions and actually found I was curious as to why they thought certain things. Meeting so many people has made me appreciate beauty in diversity even more.

You become confident in your own decisions

Nothing can compare to the feeling of jumping off a train in a totally new city with nothing but an address for the hostel or apartment you're staying in. When language barriers come into play, you're totally reliant upon your own sense of initiative and often really have to believe in the inkling that you should walk a certain direction or jump on a specific tram. 

It has makes you realise how lucky you are 

After speaking to a lovely girl who hosted me in her apartment this summer, it (without getting into too much detail) made me realise the monopolies that are created in other countries. Restricting ordinary peoples wealth, educations and general ability to act freely. Whilst many of us complain about life in the UK, it's certainly not as bad as elsewhere and that we're lucky to have so much freedom. 

You measure prices in plane tickets 

Two years ago I would have happily saved £500 for a handbag or watch, but now I'm like no way - that's a flight to New York (I am currently saving for an US adventure)!

How has travelling changed you as a person? 

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