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If you have been following me on social media, you'll know that I've finally moved to London. 

After spending the weekend drinking (KU Bar in Soho is my favourite gay bar!) and eating some amazing food, I decided to spend Monday relaxing and catching up on some reading. 

I donned my standard t-shirt, shirt and jeans combo and headed to the Tate Modern Gallery. 

Where I quickly discovered the most beautiful setting hidden in the top floor.

I've had a couple of 'wow, I'm so lucky moments' in London -  and this was definitely one of them. 

If you ever fancy coffee and you're in Southwark area, pleaaase don't waste your money going to a chain coffee shop and head to the Tate's sixth floor coffee bar instead! 

After taking in my fair share of view and draining my coffee cup, I headed to the minimalism exhibition. 

I was instantly attracted to this painting. Although, I later found out that it was dedicated to the Greek God of Wine - so no surprises there! 

I had a nose at a few of the other pieces and headed back to the ground floor. Every time I looked at something like a cubist piece, I had a little voice of my Dad saying; 'I could have bloody done that'. It made me a little homesick! 

 Before leaving I spent at least 20 minutes flicking through the Tate's selection of books. If you're ever stuck for a present for someone, you're guaranteed to find a book they'd like here. I had 'F*CK! I'm in my twenties' in mind for a friend who has a birthday coming up. 

My visit to the Tate has made me so excited for my trip to the V&A at the beginning of August. If you're on a budget or just have a spare afternoon I think a visit to the Tate Modern is the perfect option. I only spent a fiver, and that was just on my lunch (entry is free!). 

If you have any recommendations of things to do in London, please let me know! 

H x 


  1. Amazing post and photographs. London is such a cool city to be in. I’m yet to visit the Tate Modern but it sounds really interesting and my kind of thing. That view while you were having coffee is beautiful. The book shop bit sounded pretty cool too, I love the book you picked up. Have a good weekend! :-) xx

    Helen | Helens Fashion & Beauty Blog

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