Sweet talk of Scandinavia: Pig Parties in the Norwegian Valleys

Tuesday, August 09, 2016 Holly 0 Comments

Koselig (Pronounced - Korshley) is a concept I came across soon after arriving in Norway.
 Although unable to be directly translated to English, it can perhaps best be described as the warm feeling or atmosphere generated by a pleasant setting, conversation or person. For me, Koselig can perfectly relate to my wonderful, traditionally candle-lit wooden home over the past weekend - and the company I shared it with. 


Having arrived and spent the afternoon in Oslo last Thursday, I traveled 3 hours by train with Chloe to stay with a univeristy friend of her's in a small town called Ringebu. 

Centered in the middle of  Norwegian valleys with storybook shade of blue river running through the center, Ringebu was the idyllic setting for a few days of exploring and for holding the weekend's main event - The Pig Party. 

As we arrived late from Oslo to Chloe's old university friend's house (Birgitte, pronounced Brigette), we set out to explore the small town first thing in the morning. It being my first trip to the Pig Party, Chloe took it upon herself to give me the full tour whilst Birgette helped her family begin to set up. 

We very easily walked through Ringebu town in its entirety in about 15 minutes. A ring-road pathway allowed us to browse all of the wonderful shops filled with Scandinavian style home-wear and trinkets (Tat, I can hear my Dad saying in my ear).  Although given the exchange rate, I couldn't really afford much other than a small heart decoration for my Mum and a bottle of wine for the night ahead!

A sneaky photo I took of Chloe when we were exploring the town #SoArty 

Ok, so. The Pig Party? 

The Pig Party is probably best described a yearly event hosted by Chloe's univerisity friend, Birgitte and her family. It's a Saturday in the summer where 60 people turn up to the family's farm from all over Norway (and Europe) for a night of drinking, singing, hot tubbing and well - given the name,  you can guess what food is up for grabs! 

Although, being the veggie lover that I am, these were the only piggies that I was going to eat! 


We spent the first hours of the Pig Party evening sat cross legged on a wooden benches, clutching plastic cups of wine and talking to strangers. Between battling moquitos and being introduced to more arrivals, we filled up on home-made cakes and bread. 

The chatter quickly morphed into the early hours of the morning and we found ourselves dancing (very badly) on the make-shift dance floor and belting out 90's classics with a hot tub full of screaming girls until 6.30am. If you must know, Venga Boys - We like To Party was our choice of finale. 

When we woke on Sunday morning afternoon we lounged in our bikini's, and nursed our  hangovers with paper plates piled with leftovers and glasses of coke; which were later replaced by a strong Irish coffee (apparently Norwegian measures are a thing) and a freshly heated hot tub. 

The time passed so easily and our penultimate day quickly turned into our final. 🙁
Monday morning was spent saying our goodbyes and re-cramming our outfit options into our luggage. We caught the 12noon train and settled into taking in the wonderful views all over again. 

If only this was the scenery I saw on my morning commute! 


We admittedly landed back in London with a scowl and in need of some immediate form of gratification. Food. We raided the airport Costa for carbs and coffee to try and subside how miserable we felt to leave! 


Norway was such an incredible trip and I feel so lucky to have spent some time in a small town as well as Oslo. I always think that's one of the best things about making friends with people from other countries - whenever you visit them you get to experience life like a local, rather than a tourist! 

Birgitte hosts on AirBnB, so if you ever find yourself considering a trip to a lesser known part of Norway, I would really recommend staying with her! Air BnB Link here. Just make sure you prepare for how expensive everything is in Norway - even a packet of crisps in a supermarket is about £4!

Holly x


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