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The longing to experience something alien is a feeling I know all too well. For years, I've craved the unknown. To immerse myself in a totally different culture, language, climate...everything. An experiment to see if I can cut it, set myself up and be happy in a place so far distanced from home - both metaphorically and physically, if you will. 

I remember being 10 or 11 and concocting my own fashion line designs - sure that I was destined for a future travelling the world with my couture collection - Milan, Paris, Tokyo. (Note that my dreams as an 11 year old also included becoming an international criminal thwarting spy as a very close second!?)

Still, as the years have gone on, this longing has grown with me. Although arguably now a little more rationalised. And I'm not the only one. The number of millennials who aniticpate to live, travel and complete international assignments abroad are growing. With 59% of millennials in the US alone willing to move abroad for work, its clear that expat opportunities are something to be taken seriously (Business Insider).

Although baffing to our parents generation (the idea that I've quit an arguably decent job in a large corporate company has only alluded to my dad that I have lost the plot). Leaving a dream job, flat, friends in London to teach English abroad in Brazil has definitely been the right decision and one long in the making. 

So, with that in mind, as of tomorrow morning I will be packing up he remainders of my stuff and embarking on the 14 hour journey across the Atlantic Ocean to Rio De Janeiro. I've got no job waiting for me, no flat and little to no ability of speaking the language... It's going to be an ineresting first few weeks to say the least. Thankfully, one of the things I do have waiting for me at arrivals, is one of my closet friends and ex-housemate, Nikola, who made the move to Rio back in January. 

I am so excited to share everything that goes on over the next few months - the good, bad and the ugly. There's no set plan in place, and no date promised for me to return on.

Lets see what happens.

Holly x 


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