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With my last post being a reflection on 2017, it feels only right to follow things up with a round up of goals for 2018. Im blessed with the fact that my schedule here in Brazil leaves so much time for reflection. With that, I`ve thought long and hard about what I want to achieve over the next year and how I want to spend my free time.

For me, January marks Chapter 1 of a new book.That feeling when you were young at school with an untouched crisp white page in front of you . An opportunity to start afresh with a newly rejuvinated mindset. Exciting, motivating and (if I'm honest, a little daunting).

This year, I`ve made a pact to myself to do something small to work towards these goals everyday. The way I see it, I will be making progress everyday; slowly chipping away at the bigger picture - whether that`s listening to a podcast, taking a lesson or reaching out to someone I admire. 

So here goes, although almost two weeks late (better late than never, eh?), my goals for 2018:

To study towards something
Constantly curious, I love learning for the sake of learning. Those who know me well will forever find me with my nose buried in a book or demanding that we pause conversation to Google something. So, it just makes sense to take advantage of my free time here and begin an online course. The only thing is that I'm torn by doing something I have personal interest in, like International Relations or instead, going down the more practical path of learning to code (#DigitalNomadLifeComeAtMe). I`m spending time over the next few weeks researching a few courses and will hopefully make my mind up soon. Any advice welcome! 

An obvious one... Become fluent(ish) in a second language
I can only guess the amount of time I will be in Brazil and with that,how fluent I will be upon my departure (uh it pains me to even think about leaving). But whilst I am here I want to try my hardest to pick up as much Portuguese as I can. It's such a beautiful language and I so badly want to interact with people on a deeper level. 

To speak up when something isn`t ok 
Grow a thicker skin, toughen up, no more Mr Nice Guy... whatever you want to call it. As I mentioned in my reflecting on 2017 post, this year I`m hoping to be a little truer to myself and voice when something doesn`t sit right with me.I need to stop being afraid of conflict and tell people if I think they`re being a little shitty. This includes being upfront and asking the questions I`m scared of - there`s been a few instances over the past year where I`ve replayed scenarios or wondered for ages what someone else is thinking (you know how it is). Now, I am going to pluck up the courage to ask. 

Look into creating a community or charity project
I discussed the idea of so many different projects with friends in 2017. From language swaps to coffee bean bag programmes and I`m kicking myself for just having the conversation and not actually looking into the feasibility of setting them up. The ´share economy` is ever present and this year, I owe it to myself to take my ideas a little more seriously and explore the idea of creating something that can make other people`s lives better. 

Conduct a wardrobe refresh
Something a little more materialistic, but nevertheless true. This year I want to streamline my wardrobe to contain only clothes I actually wear. So, in 2018 I will be saying  bye to the 2014 topshop sale dress that I *might* wear again and those badly fitted All Saints jeans I don`t wear but keep because they were a bargain. Not only will I be saying goodbye to many pieces (expect a monster Depop sale when I return to the UK), but I`ll be boycotting fastfashion and making a promise to only buy good quality pieces that will last a long time - either second hand or in store. 

To read everyday (even for 30 minutes)
Easily said and easily done but taking a small amount of time out of your day to read is such a valuable thing to do. For that precious half an hour you`re offline and training your mind to be present and focused on a singular thing - something that I (like most millennials) really struggle with. Not only this, but the amount of information available in books is so incredibly vast - you can find a career mentor, life coach or friend between the pages. For those who think I`m talking a load of rubbish, pleaaase watch this TEDTalk (Link here) - Tai Lopez puts his point across in a way 1000x better than me and it makes So. Much. Sense. 

To use my creativity more
Creativity is ingrained in my nature. When I was younger I would sketch, paint, write and loved making videos. Yet over the past few years, I think a combination of my degree, choice of jobs (and if I`m honest to myself, laziness), left me feeling like I couldn`t take time out of my day to do these things anymore. When I`m creating I feel at my happiest and most myself, so this year I`m going to be writing every day, reuniting with my watercolours and may even try to make some videos (there`s so many elements of Brazilian culture that I`d love to capture). I think this resolution even extends itself to becoming more involved with modeling. It`s something I love - becoming the character of clothes you`re wearing and working with a photographer to create a particular vision (more shoots please!) 

And finally, to write an article somewhere... 
Rewind 12 years and you would find a 12 year old Holly, like clockwork exchanging every shred of her weekly pocket money for Teen Vogue from the town centre WH Smiths. I remember sitting on my bedroom floor and looking at the journalist´s name at the end of the page and wondering what it would be like if I was to ever write an article. Although my choice of outlet has grown, I still do the same thing. I read articles from The Guardian to Refinery 29 and wonder what it would be like if I was to write about the same topic and how I would structure it. Whilst I don`t anticipate to see my name on Conde Nast traveller any time soon (although that would be a dream), I`m going to be submitting articles to online outlets. Eventually, I hope something will be published. 

A note: Reading over these goals again, it`s so apparent that 2018 will be a year of words for me. Absorbing new words in the form of researching new opportunities and more importantly, expressing words - whether thats language related, speaking my mind or putting pen to paper. And with 2017 still fresh in mind, I can`t help but think that it will be a year of words for the rest of the world also.  2017 brought us all so much change - political earthquakes and more people using their voices than ever. It`s so important that we carry this on in 2018 and continue to collectively use our voices to evolve so that the future is brighter and fairer - not just for ourselves but for others who haven`t been gifted the same platform as us, too.

So, here`s to 2018. Let`s see where the year takes us. 

Holly x 


  1. Great post Holly. Very inspiring. Reach for the stars xx

    1. Thanks, Matt! Hopefully everything comes true! x

  2. Great read! Too bad we weren't in the same country, I would have loved to have these type of conversations with you. Feel free to read my last post in my blog (MyJourneyFromYXE.wordpress.com). I think we have very similar thoughts!

    1. Hey Rob! Ah I wish this too! I totally relate to your post - improvement should be a continuous thing/mindset. I do think January 1 is a good opportunity to reflect though, and this can help you look back over the past year and decide what you want for the next. Let me know if you ever add London to that list - would be happy to show you around!


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